Sunday, October 4

Meet the Delegates

Check out this video to get to know the delegates! We'll be reaching out to the Midwest through our blogs before the Climate Change Conference and while we're in Copenhagen this December.

Here's a brief overview of our roles:

1) Engaging youth throughout schools across each of our states (North and South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota) about the upcoming negotiations in Copenhagen:
SD has importance not only as a major food producer for the Midwest but also as a state of global exchange. We connect with people across the globe every day, and it's important for our voices to be heard during the United Nations conference so that we can share our concerns for the future of our state. What happens in Copenhagen will affect the decisions that are made in the US.

2)Students and youth have a great opportunity to make a difference for our state, and it is my job to help you be a beacon of hope for the future! I'll be going out to schools to let students know what they can do to help their communities become more sustainable and ensure a lasting future for the youth that will continue to call SD their home.

3) While in Copenhagen, I'll have the chance to display the messages of South Dakota residents to the entire United Nations! Send me a message of your hopes for the future of the state, and I'll take it with this December.

Stay tuned for the meantime, here's a blog with additional information.

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