Tuesday, October 13

Gearing up for 350 Global Action at Falls Park

Join me for this monumental International Day of Action to support a clean energy future for us in SD as well as our neighbors across the globe!

What: 350 Day of Action
-participants form giant "350" across Falls Park
-a gathering to support environmental action that will ensure a sustainable future for SD and the world
-Free eco-products for all participants
-post-party to follow

When: Saturday, Oct. 24th at 3:50 pm

Where: Falls Park

Who: YOU! (feel free to bring 100+ of your closest friends)

How: Walk, bike, bus, or carpool

Come to Falls Park on Saturday, October 24th to celebrate the earth and spread the 350 message! The 350 International Day of Action is a gathering of people all across the world to support decreasing the number of Carbon Dioxide parts per million to 350. Scientists have determined this to be the upper limit of pollution to maintain a stable climate, and across the globe people from 152 countries are staging rallies, artistic actions, and creative events to promote this number.

Here's the plan: everyone will meet at 5th and Phillips at 3:30 pm, and we'll parade to Falls Park at 3:50 pm. At the Falls, everyone will gather in the formation of a giant 350 and we'll take pictures and video that will be sent to our legislators and displayed across the globe as well as on the screens of Times Square in NYC!

Post party to follow the action-- stay tuned for more details!

If you're from out of town and want to start your own action or see if there's one where you live, go to the 350 website.

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