Saturday, October 10

Inspiring Students in Sioux Falls High Schools

I've been traveling to Washington and Roosevelt High Schools these past two weeks to talk to students about the negotiations in Copenhagen and hear what their views on sustainability are. The students that I've met have been very inspiring as they plan to create events that will help their schools and the Sioux Falls community. Cheers to them!

If you are a student and want to know how to get involved with helping your school, neighborhood, or the world become more sustainable, here are a few ways to get started:

1.Start an environmental group at your school. There's strength in numbers, and you'll be able to collaborate with other passionate peers about making a positive impact. Talk to a teacher and spread the word to other students to get started.

2. Do your homework (Seriously!) Research the issues you want to focus on, and go to reliable sources to find answers. Reliable sources have been "peer-reviewed," which means that many scientists have repeated experiments and research to determine if an answer holds true. Good places to start are with scientific journals, like Science or Nature, but you can also check out these sites:

The United Nations Climate Change Conference website

The Environmental Protection Agency

Take a field trip! Talk to Matthew McLarty at the Environmental Law and Policy Office in Sioux Falls

3. Send your message to Copenhagen! You can write a message to today's global leaders that I will bring to Copenhagen to display to everyone involved at the UN Conference this December. Contact me at to get started :)

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