Saturday, October 24

Sioux Falls Joins Global Action

What an amazing day! Those who participated in the 350 action today were among the hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, from all walks of life, who gathered in support of stronger climate change legislation to lower carbon emissions to 350 parts per million.

Our action in Sioux Falls started with a parade from 5th and Phillips to the Horse Barn Arts Center and ended with good food and environmental discussion at the Falls Overlook Cafe.

Included in these pictures is the banner everyone painted and wrote messages on about what SD means to them along with the kind of future they would like to see for the state and its people. There were even international students present who added to the banner their wishes for global collaboration on climate change!

To everyone that participated in some way today, thank you for your presence, your enthusiasm, and your hope while working to make a better future possible for all on this planet. Climate Change affects everyone, and it is only when the people of the world come together to collectively solve the problem that we will arrive at the sustainable environment everyone desperately needs. Today's event was proof that people are ready for the commitment.

To see the rest of the photos, go to our flickr page. If you were unable to participate in the 350 Day of Action but are still looking to do your part, contact me at for ways that you can get involved.

Friday, October 23

Happy International Day of Climate Action!

October 24th has arrived: the greatest day of environmental action in history! It's a great feeling to be a part of a movement led by people across the globe, in 181 countries to be exact, all because people around the world realize the eminent nature for strong climate action to be taken to protect our future. Starting today, 350 will become the most popular number in the world: it's the scientifically-determined number of parts per million of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere that is the safe upper limit of pollution, and it's a number we have to reduce our current levels (387) down to.
I've been checking out photos from around the world to see what people have been doing for their 350 actions, and here's a few of the many events that have happened:
-a 24 hour diving party in the Maldives (they are in danger of literally losing their country because of sea level rise) --the President has been holding underwater conferences to emphasize the importance of working towards a healthier planet.
-architects in China standing in a 350 formation on their rooftop
-climbers at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro noting that if the glaciers keep melting as they are, it will be very difficult to do any trecks to the top because of lack of water

and those are only some of the many intriguing and powerful photos!
Sioux Falls will soon be a part of this monumental day. We're ready to go, and now the only thing left is YOU! Come out to Falls Park @ 3:50 pm and take part in an action that will help save our environment, our homes, and our futures! This event is free, open to the public and all ages, and it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Monday, October 19

Sioux Falls Going Global on Oct. 24

What: 350 International Day of Action
Where: Falls Park
When: Saturday, October 24th 3:50 pm
Who: This event is free and open to the public. All ages welcome.

Mark your calendars: Sioux Falls is hosting a global art action and party on Saturday, October 24th to celebrate the environment, and you're invited. Be a part of the experience at 3:50 pm at Falls Park, and stick around for free eco-friendly products, good green conversation or a bite to eat.

October 24th is the International Day of Action promoting 350, the scientifically determined number of parts per million (ppm) of carbon emissions that is the safe upper limit for maintaining a healthy atmosphere. On Saturday, over 3,700 events will be taking place in 162 countries to promote this number. Here's a taste of what's to come: mountain climbers holding 350 banners on some of the world's tallest peaks; a 350 mile bike ride through MN; scuba divers holding 350 signs by the Great Barrier Reef. Sioux Falls will now be a part of this monumental day!

Here's the plan: we'll meet at 5th and Phillips at 3:30 pm and parade to the Horse Barn Arts Center at Falls Park. Inside will be a giant banner for everyone to decorate with their environmental hopes for SD and the world, and this banner will be displayed at the United Nations Climate Change Conference this December. We'll use the banner in a picture that will be taken at Falls Park, where all participants will form a giant 350 across the park. The picture will be sent to our legislators in DC, posted online, and shown on the big screens of Times Square in NYC! Following the art action, the Falls Overlook Cafe will be open to participants.

Check out for more information about the International Day of Action, and for more information on the United Nations Conference, click here.

Tuesday, October 13

Gearing up for 350 Global Action at Falls Park

Join me for this monumental International Day of Action to support a clean energy future for us in SD as well as our neighbors across the globe!

What: 350 Day of Action
-participants form giant "350" across Falls Park
-a gathering to support environmental action that will ensure a sustainable future for SD and the world
-Free eco-products for all participants
-post-party to follow

When: Saturday, Oct. 24th at 3:50 pm

Where: Falls Park

Who: YOU! (feel free to bring 100+ of your closest friends)

How: Walk, bike, bus, or carpool

Come to Falls Park on Saturday, October 24th to celebrate the earth and spread the 350 message! The 350 International Day of Action is a gathering of people all across the world to support decreasing the number of Carbon Dioxide parts per million to 350. Scientists have determined this to be the upper limit of pollution to maintain a stable climate, and across the globe people from 152 countries are staging rallies, artistic actions, and creative events to promote this number.

Here's the plan: everyone will meet at 5th and Phillips at 3:30 pm, and we'll parade to Falls Park at 3:50 pm. At the Falls, everyone will gather in the formation of a giant 350 and we'll take pictures and video that will be sent to our legislators and displayed across the globe as well as on the screens of Times Square in NYC!

Post party to follow the action-- stay tuned for more details!

If you're from out of town and want to start your own action or see if there's one where you live, go to the 350 website.

Saturday, October 10

Inspiring Students in Sioux Falls High Schools

I've been traveling to Washington and Roosevelt High Schools these past two weeks to talk to students about the negotiations in Copenhagen and hear what their views on sustainability are. The students that I've met have been very inspiring as they plan to create events that will help their schools and the Sioux Falls community. Cheers to them!

If you are a student and want to know how to get involved with helping your school, neighborhood, or the world become more sustainable, here are a few ways to get started:

1.Start an environmental group at your school. There's strength in numbers, and you'll be able to collaborate with other passionate peers about making a positive impact. Talk to a teacher and spread the word to other students to get started.

2. Do your homework (Seriously!) Research the issues you want to focus on, and go to reliable sources to find answers. Reliable sources have been "peer-reviewed," which means that many scientists have repeated experiments and research to determine if an answer holds true. Good places to start are with scientific journals, like Science or Nature, but you can also check out these sites:

The United Nations Climate Change Conference website

The Environmental Protection Agency

Take a field trip! Talk to Matthew McLarty at the Environmental Law and Policy Office in Sioux Falls

3. Send your message to Copenhagen! You can write a message to today's global leaders that I will bring to Copenhagen to display to everyone involved at the UN Conference this December. Contact me at to get started :)

Sunday, October 4

Meet the Delegates

Check out this video to get to know the delegates! We'll be reaching out to the Midwest through our blogs before the Climate Change Conference and while we're in Copenhagen this December.

Here's a brief overview of our roles:

1) Engaging youth throughout schools across each of our states (North and South Dakota, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota) about the upcoming negotiations in Copenhagen:
SD has importance not only as a major food producer for the Midwest but also as a state of global exchange. We connect with people across the globe every day, and it's important for our voices to be heard during the United Nations conference so that we can share our concerns for the future of our state. What happens in Copenhagen will affect the decisions that are made in the US.

2)Students and youth have a great opportunity to make a difference for our state, and it is my job to help you be a beacon of hope for the future! I'll be going out to schools to let students know what they can do to help their communities become more sustainable and ensure a lasting future for the youth that will continue to call SD their home.

3) While in Copenhagen, I'll have the chance to display the messages of South Dakota residents to the entire United Nations! Send me a message of your hopes for the future of the state, and I'll take it with this December.

Stay tuned for the meantime, here's a blog with additional information.

Party for Clean Energy Legislation!

Yesterday I went to Repower America's Sioux Falls office (335 N. Main Ave, Suite 200) for a celebration of the new climate legislation released by Senators Kerry and Boxer. There was much fun to be had as I worked on letters with those present and snacked on fresh veggies and a cookie or two. Repower always has an open house on Tuesdays from 5-7pm; there's good food, drink, and conversation and I would encourage anyone to check it out. This is a great way to get to know other environmentally-minded and socially conscious people while working to make a difference in our state and the world.